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Pre and Post Surgery Programs

Emily Gray Physiotherapy can support you to achieve the best, long-term results from your surgery.  Surgery can be a daunting experience, and recovery can be long.  However, with our physiotherapy treatments, formatted in consultation with your surgeon, both prior to surgery and post-surgery can facilitate a positive recovery and assist you to get back to pain-free movement.


Why Pre-habilitation?

There is strong research evidence showing physiotherapist-delivered, exercise-based pre-habilitation, or “pre-hab”, significantly improves people's postoperative recovery and outcomes. 

In many cases, pre-hab can improve the level of function and surgery may no-longer be required. This aligns with a shift towards reducing unnecessary hospitalisation and reducing hospital load.  We work with your specialist prior to surgery and provide a full medical report on your progress.

Surgery rehabilitation with Emily Gray Physiotherapy
Pre-surgery physiotherapy treatment
Research Findings
  • Pre-hab has been shown to safely improve preoperative function in people undergoing Total Hip Replacement (THA) or knee replacement (TKA). In many cases, surgery can be avoided as function levels improve & pain decreases. ⁴

  • Patients who engaged in pre-hab prior to spinal surgery had improved outcomes and shorter hospital stays.⁵ 

  • Preliminary studies report that rates of back surgery can be reduced through appropriate pre-hab red education and conservative treatment.⁶  

       ⁴ (Topp et al 2009)

       ⁵ (Nielsen et al 2010)

       ⁶ (Zhou and Irwin 2009)

Post surgery rehabilitation physiotherapy
Physiotherapist and post surgery rehabilitation
Conservative Management

When working on pre-hab we employ a conservative management approach of medications, physiotherapy, specific exercise and lifestyle modification.  This holistic approach identifies all aspects contributing to your condition and should be fully explored prior to surgery to enable maximum success, recovery and long-term sustainability.