- Helping people get the most out of life - 

Physiotherapists are experts in human health and movement.

When it comes to human movement, what sets physiotherapy apart is our alignment with other medical professions. 


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Whilst most people have experienced physiotherapy treatment to some degree, many don't understand the broad spectrum of what physiotherapists can do, and how we can help people in so many different ways.  At Emily Gray Physiotherapy, our passion is showing people that, with the right practitioner, there is much more to physiotherapy than sports injuries and back injuries.  Explore the possibilities with us:

Through our physiotherapy treatments, we have the ability to improve your quality of life.  We aim to  help you get the most out of life, whatever your goals may be - big or small.  We achieve this by assisting you to move better by eliminating or minimising pain and discomfort, reducing stiffness, facilitating recovery from injury and preventing further injury.  We listen and understand your needs and tailor your treatment specifically to meet  your goals.

At Emily Gray Physiotherapy, we work in partnership with doctors, specialists, surgeons and cardiologists to plan and manage the treatment of specific, medically diagnosed conditions. Our physiotherapists are committed to evidence-based practice, continually up-grading their knowledge, skills and new forms of treatment to continually improve our healthcare system and the health of millions of Australians. 



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