Lectures & Seminars

- Education and training for sporting groups and work places - 

Emily Gray giving a lecture
Emily Gray Physiotherapist Profile Photo
Strength training for horse riders with Emily Gray Physio

Emily is an excellent public speaker and regularly presents on various topics relating to physiotherapy, sports physiology, postural training, and collaborative workshops.  She is also popular as a motivational speaker, sharing her experiences as an elite athlete. 


Emily's knowledge of the physicality and stresses of sport gives her a unique insight into the treatment of various injuries and physical conditioning required to compete in sporting pursuits. 

Her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, muscle structure and movement, combined with her many years as a practicing physiotherapist ensure her lectures are both informative, easy-to-follow, and provide participates with a greater understanding of their own physicality. 

Lectures often feature demonstrations that allow participants to join in and take home not only useful messages, but practical exercises to complement their learning. 


Emily is available for specialised lectures for all age ranges and all topics.  Her strength conditioning topic is particularly popular with sporting groups, whilst her postural workshops are well supported by employers and workplaces looking to enhance the work environment.