- Specialised treatment for a specialised sport - 

Emily's knowledge of the physicality and stresses of her sport gives her a unique insight into the treatment of various injuries that occur while riding. This puts her in a position to provide a specifically tailored treatment to equestrians requiring physiotherapy.

At Emily Gray Physiotherapy, we can assist riders with injury pain and injury prevention during competition.  Our clinical pilates classes are also an excellent tool for equestrians, who often neglect their own fitness.  These classes focus on the specific muscle groups required to support your riding activities.  Greater core strength and muscle awareness allows riders to be more effective in their aids and maintain greater balance and rising posture.  These skills created a more harmonious, fluid communication with your horse. 


Emily is available for specialised, equestrian sport pilates classes, both online and in person.  

Physiotherapy for horse riders
Physiotherapy training for horse riders