What separates Clinical Pilates from other forms of pilates?

Clinical pilates encompasses a broad variety of exercises that enable sessions to be tailored to each client's individual needs. Performed and prescribed by a qualified practitioner, our clinical pilates is based on a sound medical approach. 


Our physiotherapists have an in-depth anatomical understanding of the body's muscular and skeletal system functions which enables them to create a comprehensive exercise program specific to each client. This ensures our sessions are highly effective in helping patients meet their physical and rehabilitation goals. 


Our clinical pilates involves greater individual attention and exercises are tailored to the client's needs. Our physiotherapists have the necessary medical background to offer a service that can benefit someone in multiple ways, in a safe environment. ​ With this in mind, our clinical pilates classes are more than just a generalised exercise class, and working harder is not necessarily the goal. 


We ensure the focus is on precise movement practice, that forms habitual patterns, in order to significantly change movement.  For this reason, participants often find the results of our clinical pilates classes surpass their expectations as your physio will ensure each muscle group is trained in the correct way.  It is recommended to attend classes regularly and to discuss your program with your physiotherapist. 

What is Clinical Pilates? 

Clinical Pilates is a system of prescribed exercises tailored to an individual patient’s needs. It is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy to enhance our patients’ treatment. At Emily Gray Physiotherapy, clinical pilates is used for prevention, management, and recovery of chronic and recurrent injury problems.


We find it also assists the healing process at the end-stage injury rehab by reducing pain, stiffness and movement dysfunction.  It is also great for general strength and conditioning and targeted development or specific muscle groups.  Our clinical pilates classes are taught in a studio with specialised equipment or in an open area with mats and small equipment. ​

Clinical Pilates

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Who would benefit from Clinical Pilates?

Everyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates! You don't need to be in pain to reap the rewards.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in their body and we all develop poor training habits to compensate for these weaknesses and clinical pilates is individualised to overcome the weaknesses. Each session you do with us will be carefully tailored to you so that even in a small group class, your exercises will be different from the person next to you. 


Clinical Pilates is also excellent for the elite athletes whose aim is to get the best results out of their body. It can also be tailored to a lower intensity program for people trying to keep their mobility and independence and reduce their risk of having a fall. 

​Our classes are tailored to assist each individual's goals, however vast or varied, big or small they may be. Whether a one-on-one class or small group class, each client's goals are important and we will work hard to help you achieve them! 

Clinical Pilates improves your: 

  • Mobility & flexibility

  • Strength & stability 

  • Balance & proprioception 

  • Posture, health, and overall fitness

  • Movement dysfunction & motor control 

  • Muscular endurance  

  • Muscle tone  

Clinical Pilates also aids in the rehabilitation of many specialised conditions including:

  • Reaching specific physical goals and challenge your athletic ability

  • Rehabilitation after injury, surgery, or illness 

  • Elective surgeries i.e. hip and knee replacements (Pre and post-surgery rehab)

  • Sports injury rehab 

  • Treating Chronic pain 

  • Pre- and post-pregnancy 

  • Spinal surgeries, spinal conditions, disc issues & scoliosis

  • Disease management i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Huntington’s   

  • Aged care and rehab 

  • Hypermobility disorder 

  • Chronic Fatigue 

  • Fibromyalgia 

Clinical Pilates matts
Chronic pain and Clinical Pilates treatment:

Are you one of those people that have tried every type of treatment and remedy for your chronic pain but nothing works?  Our clinical pilates may be for you. 

Regular methods of treating chronic pain often provide temporary relief - a ‘band-aid’ treatment approach. A ‘band-aid’ approach generally relieves your immediate symptoms of chronic pain temporarily, but through our clinical pilates programs, we look at WHY you are having these symptoms and how we can tailor exercises to treat the cause of the pain, rather than the symptom. 

As human beings, we are creatures of habit.  Every morning you will put one leg through your pant leg before the other without realising you've done it.  You will always open the bathroom drawer with the same hand, reach for the toothpaste and toothbrush in the exact same way, and turn the tap on with the same hand before brushing your teeth the same way you do every morning. All this will be done subconsciously without you even realising you've done it which is why chronic pain cycles are so hard to break. We are habitual and unless we correct the movement patterns that are driving the pain, the pain will persist.

Building strength with clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates equipment

At Emily Gray Physiotherapy, we understand this and through clinical pilates, we identify those mal-adaptive movement patterns and consciously address these issues so that the patient is aware of what they are doing and how to correct it.  During the class, your physiotherapist will correct these patterns with whole-body movement to target specific muscle groups and to re-educate movement patterns.

When long-standing patterns shift, this frees your body to move, and with repetition, these newly learned movement patters/motor pathways become the person's new subconscious way of moving.  Therefore, this addresses the origins of the pain and breaks the cycle of persistent pain - the WHY! 

Clinical Pilates

"A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence are worth hours of doing sloppy exercise or forced contortion" 

 - Joseph Pilates